Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide

A memory foam mattress can offer you quite a more comfortable resting experience than other normal mattresses. Because memory foam adheres to the body’s shapes to provide extra support where it is needed, they can offer a level of comfort standard mattresses simply can’t match.

The smartsleepreviews memory foam mattresses differ from another normal foam mattresses because they are temperature sensitive and respond to an individual’s body temperature to supply extra cushioning. When the foam gets warmer, the memory foam becomes softer.

In buying a memory foam mattress, you first need to know that the mattress in question is not made totally from memory foam. Memory foam mattresses have a core that is then layered with additional foam. The core supplies the mattress with a durable base from which the layers of memory foam radiate outward.

When buying, the core of the memory foam mattress should be considered carefully. A perfect core for at mattress should have at least 6″ of high-density foam that must be at least 2 pounds per cubic foot. This will ensure a firm enough base for the layers of memory foam to work successfully in offering support. Cores that might have thinner foam inside will result in a mattress that bottoms out after a long time.

When looking for an appropriate memory foam mattress, the layers utilized outside the core is the next factor to consider. There are essentially three kinds of memory foam according to their density. The very best mattress to think about would be those that use memory foam in the center classification. This would be memory foam with layers around 3″ to 5″ thick and with around 3 to 4 pounds of foam density.


A thinner memory foam might feel too soft like it cannot support an individual’s body weight for long without bottoming out. Mattresses on the other end that utilize extremely thick memory foam of 5 pounds or greater density might feel too firm and hard. Super thick memory foam also tends to be more temperature sensitive. The extremely thick memory foam mattress might feel uncomfortable at room temperature, and they can become too soft as they get warmer due to an individual’s body heat.

There are now a great deal of memory foam mattress choices available out there. Which type you eventually pick will depend upon the level of comfort that you desire. Their rates might also differ, and you should not assume that the most pricy mattresses will be the most comfortable or effective.

Who knows? The perfect mattress for you might be the most budget-friendly as well.